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About Savory Cajun

Savory Cajun is here in the heart of Cajun Country - New Iberia, LA

This company was formed by Lynn Breaux, a native of Cajun Country, born and bred. Our culture is dedicated to good friends, good food and good times. 

Our recipes are the result of a huge amount of time spent in our kitchen working to create products that live up to the Cajun name in taste and texture, but can be prepared by the novice cook with no experience.

Most of our mixes just require you to add water, anthough most Cajun's want to add something to everything they cook. One of the best compliments we get on our products is "you don't need to add anything to that."

Useful Information

Our rice mixes take the longest to prepare, because good rice takes a little time. We use parboiled white and brown rice in our Jambalaya and Brown Rice Jambalaya mixes. You simmer the rice for about 25 minutes, and the brown rice takes a little more time to absorb the remaining liquid after simmering, but still only about 35 minutes total.

Parboiled rice retains much more nutrients than white rice processed through the normal milling process. The rice also does not stick together, even if you're serving a large number of people over an extended time. The last scoop is just as good as the first scoop.

The pasta we use is a high quality, non GMO pasta that is very forgiving if somewhat under or over cooked. The folds in the rotini gather in the sauce for our Pastalaya for a great, intense flavor. That allows you to boil the pasta with no salt for a lower total sodium content.

Our Hours

Our webstore is open 7 days a week - 24 hours a day